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Ok, I get it...
My Name is Krista.
I am an Apostolic Pentecostal.
I have long hair, and I don't believe I will ever cut it.
I believe in the Bible.
I believe in living a holy life. Sin is my enemy, not my nature.
I believe in Jesus name baptism.
I believe in the Infillinf of the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.
I believe God is one. I do not believe in the triuness of God.

What you see in my blog is a reflection of the things that move me, spiritually and emotionally.

I may disagree with you, but I wll not belittle you. I believe in human dignity.

If you find my blog uplifiting, then send me a line or two.

Ask me anything

I ♥ the Lord, because he hears me; he listens to my prayers.


Psalm 116:1 

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Without You, I am nothing.

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I want my life to be God’s,
fully and without exception.

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God is the strength of my heart.

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Jesus Christ conquered my heart.

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Give all your problems to God. Trust Him. Wait on Him. Thank Him.

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I will praise you.
I will worship you.
I will trust you.
I will thank you.
I will need you.
I will rely on you.
I will always praise you.

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God always gives us power to make the next step towards eternity.

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God is my savior. I will trust him and not be afraid. The Lord gives me power and strength. He is my savior.


Isaiah 12:2

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Jesus is our salvation

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The more God reveals who He is to me, the more I love being with Him.

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